The Meghan Mini Initial Necklace - Choose 2 Initials

€233,95 EUR


Yes We Created This Famous Necklace for Meghan Markle
Hand Delivered To Meghan Markle In Toronto. And We Are Proud Of It!


Our Meghan Markle Story
It was such an honor for us at The Right Hand Gal, to create our famous M&H mini initial asymmetrical necklace for Meghan Markle & Harry. Who knew this necklace would become such an important "piece" of Royal history. You see, this was the necklace Meghan Markle wore, in Toronto Canada, where we live,  representing her love for Harry, and it was this necklace that immediately announced to the entire world and media across the globe, that Meghan & Harry were officially together. The media went wild as this was the answer they were all searching for and the confirmation... so as it turns out, our precious gold necklace was the official messenger and the smoking gun.   
By an unexpected twist of fate, we will forever live on the first pages of this historical, unique & mystifying Love Story.....and in light of the new path Meghan & Harry have chosen, it has been said many time’s that our  M&H necklace feels more relevant than ever, as it will forever represent their magical relationship and the emotion we all cherish most - LOVE 
Let us create your cherished piece too! 
More details: 
• Solid yellow or white gold
• Asymmetrical
•  Meant to grow with you as we can add more initials at any point in the future 
 xoxo  The Gals!