About Us

The Right Hand Gal, created by two sisters, Randi & Shawna, based out of Montreal & Toronto Canada, have been proudly designing their timeless jewelry line for over a decade. The name of their company  stems from their core philosophy of empowerment and is best said in their famous tag line: "The left hand is reserved for the misters, but The right hand is reserved for the sisters" - GIRL POWER - but it goes far deeper than that. While they have always found a way to keep up with current trends while staying true to their unique, dainty and feminine style, there is so much more than meets the eye and this brand is anything but- just another jewelry line. As mentioned, the sisters are great advocators of women’s empowerment, and every piece created tells a unique story meant to uplift and inspire. The idea is to instill the notion that with passion, authenticity, open mindedness, confidence, kindness and an abundance of love for all humanity, women will shine and can truly be unstoppable. Along with their "casual diamond jewelry" the gals have always created additional pieces which they refer to as "Special Pieces With Meaning" and these unique pieces always relate to an issue which they feel needs to be amplified. From the Peace Bullet Necklace - a reminder to keep your bullets to yourself- both literally and figuratively, to the Hero necklace- which was all about celebrating the hero in your life, followed by the Love My Planet necklace,The Protected Necklace and their beloved  Noble = No Bull pendant - each NOBLE pendant is a tangible reminder to commit to being a  NOBLE person; kind, inclusive, zero tolerance for prejudice or any form of racism, non judgemental,and no bullying of any kind. Each pendant has a unique hand etched number on the back which links the wearer to the symbolic Noble Army Of Goodwill. Today, this piece is more relevant than ever and with The Hunan Rights Museum Of Canada behind them, they will be proudly donating all profits from sales of NOBLE to Black Lives Matter.

Their jewelry is made with genuine, luxe materials, some of which include, gold, gemstones and the always coveted, DIAMONDS! Every piece fabricated is meant to grow with the owner and endure the tests of time, and passed down fro generation to generation  like modern day heirlooms....and that can be effortlessly mixed, matched and layered with trending favorites.

Since its birth, The Right Hand Gal has received an amazing response among women world-wide, allowing them to build a loyal customer and retail base. From charities, A- List celebrity support, custom creation services for special occasions and new designs popping up daily, keep your eye out for the gals cuz they are keeping their eyes out for you!

Ps Their customer service is known to be the best of the best and they are darn proud of it!!!!!