• Beautiful high quality jewelry! I know my mom will love her initial necklace. It is gorgeous! Randi, Shawna & Tiffany are truly amazing! They went above and beyond to custom make this necklace in record time for my mom’s birthday. Their jewelry, customer service, and kindness sets them apart from their competitors! I will be a repeat customer and recommend them to anyone looking for high quality, beautiful jewelry with a personal touch. Thank you ladies!

  • I received my initial necklace today and it is WAY more beautiful than I imagined! It is so delicate and glittery....I love it!! I love that they use ethically sourced materials and each piece is handmade....its really high quality and it shows. Could not be happier....thank you!

  • OMG ITS PERFECT 😍 I love it!!!!!!!!!!
    I opened it so quickly and have been wearing it, but also took some photos in the box to post!!!! Will do later tonight!
    It’s beautiful! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Love my necklace !!!!! So much nicer than I imagined :)

  • Delighted to receive this from @therighthandgal today, a Mother’s Day gift from my kids. I will treasure Shane’s protected necklace worn by @kristintbooth in every #SSD episode & film. I finally decided on the original purple amethyst, the one Oliver so aptly described in #FC!

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  • Thank you so much for the beautiful friendship bracelet!!! It arrived today!! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️

  • I would love a bracelet all the way to Sweet Vermont😉 Your creations are simply gorgeous Gals!!
    Success to you, both with God's blessings keep showering you down

  • I can't believe how beautiful the necklaces are in real life. We really do need to do a shoot. Because I honestly don't think your pictures now do them justice. They're so dainty and beautiful. I swear I am never taking this thing off.

  • I received my baby blue topaz ring and earrings this week and couldn't be happier! Perfect complements to my protected necklace!

  • Beyond in LOVE!!!! Thank you so much for your amazing customer service ❤️


  • I actually got dressed, as we needed a few pics for my Dad.
    Of course, you know what jewelry iis always on.

  • @therighthandgal …I couldn’t wait for this looong day to end so I could open and enjoy. Thanks, Gals and @kristintbooth . This will be a favorite #forever 💌☺️🤍♥️#hopefulromantic @therighthandgal


  • Hi #POstables. I'm so excited. I just got a parcel from FedEx (don't tell Oliver). My beautiful Shane necklace has arrived. Thank you so much @kristintbooth for the lovely note 😁😍😁😍


  • @Discoqueen63 😂😂😂 Wonderful! It's gorgeous! 🥰


  • @Discoqueen63 I bought mine w/the amethyst stone a few years ago too. One of my best purchases, I never take it off! Have gotten sooo many compliments! ! Thank you @kristintbooth & @therighthandgal for giving the #POstables an opportunity to own a beautiful little piece of meaningful treasure!

  • @Discoqueen63 I got the blue topaz and couldn’t be happier.


  • Hi #POstables ! My Mom gave me the “Shane” @therighthandgal protected necklace for Christmas and it came with a lovely hand written note by @kristintbooth 💌 I wish you all a beautiful Christmas and Holiday season filled with peace and true joy, and may 2022 bring a new SSD!


  • @kristintbooth …wanted to show that my Shane necklace came!! I really love it. Thank you💚##POstables


  • @KelleBleschke Kelle, …that @therighthandgal protected necklace, aka, the Shane necklace is BEAUTIFUL! Wear it in good health!

  • Fell in love with Shane’s Protected necklace, so much so that I needed one for myself. It’s a little different (I prefer silver) but just as beautiful. It’s gorgeous in person. @kristintbooth #POstables

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  • Youuuuu are the gem! Thank you for your beautiful business!🙏🏼 Going 11 years strong ordering from you girls! Happy international woman’s day tomorrow! Keep slaying in your business! 💪🏽💪🏽
    Bought my first necklace of yours before my son was born from one of my fav stores in Toronto DEW...I’ll never forget!

  • hands down THE BEST customer service! thank you so much and I cannot wait to receive my necklaces!!

  • You sure helped make many of our clients have a very Merry Christmas! They all loved their gifts! Thank you!

  • LOVE my necklaces. Great quality, style, amd tons of compliments!

  • I purchased my Cat and Nat collaboration necklace back in July. I was nervous knowing it would take a few weeks to come, and I could only go off the reviews on what other ladies had to say. My package arrived earlier then expected, wrapped adorably and the necklace itself.....AMAZING. I get so many complements on the necklace and strangers asking me for the website. So pleased with my purchase, and the customer service from these gals!

  • Today on the #blog, we’re talking about THAT necklace - the @therighthandgal initial necklace that broke the #HarryAndMeghan story wide open. Check out the blog for more details and get your own piece of a modern fairytale with the link in the blog for u… https://ift.tt/2rsoRB5


  • Amazing amazing service! I tried to order a last minute custom necklace as a gift and the ladies went above and beyond to rush order it for me and be sure I received it on time. Can't thank you enough!

  • Hi Gals ❤️❤️ loving all! I will be waiting as my Bday is coming up 😂😂❤️❤️

  • Wonderful customer service! I got the Cat and Nat necklace for my birthday. I had a small issue and Tiffany was able to give me a solution quickly and efficiently. I will definitely be ordering more pieces soon!

  • I can't help but feel beautiful whenever I layer on pieces by @therighthandgal Off to @etcanada …

  • So proud of the amazing @therighthandgal on the success of their beautiful jewelry. #meghanmarkel #flowergirl #gift #jewelry


  • Had such a great time at the store opening for #IROmontreal. Dressed h2t in @IROPARIS + ✨💍 from @therighthandgal ❤️


  • 'protected' necklace @therighthandgal could not b more beautiful-so lucky my character gets 2 wear it! #deadletters


  • Thank you kindly to @therighthandgal for the gorgeous NOBLE=NO BULL pendant (#8021) and inspiring @BullyMovie DVD!