Our Meghan Markle Mini Initial Necklace With Two Initials Of Your Choice

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We proudly created the famous M&H mini initial necklace for the Duchess, and we cannot wait to create yours too!! Our beautiful Mini initial necklace flows ever so lightly that you'll forget it is on. It just becomes a part of you....just like the special people it represents.

Clean Canadian solid gold - 12k

asymmetrical, sideways necklace to be worn with love every day!

Here's Our Cute Little Royal Story                                         

Once upon a time, in Toronto Canada, The Right Hand Gal received a very special and " urgent " order for a mini initial necklace with the letters M & H       in yellow gold at 16 inches.The gals had no idea who this necklace was for when they received the purchase order... and they never would have believed it could be for Prince Harry and his yet to be announced girlfriend Meghan Markle....but as fate would have it, the necklace was indeed meant for this Royal couple,  and it was this necklace that became the voice and the messenger that announced to the entire world that Prince Harry & Meghan Markle were officially a couple. This good luck charm of a necklace led the beautiful couple, Meghan & Harry,  into a forever love story. From engagement, to marriage and of course baby Archie. Is the necklace a good luck charm? Well..it could definitely be.             So of course The Right Hand Gal can't help but feel honoured to be "linked" to the Royal Couple forever more. The Duchess will wear many designers throughout the years, but only a few have the honour of living on the first few pages of The Royal Fairytale for the rest of time. Only a few indeed!                                                                    Let The Right Hand Gal create your Fairytale too