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    The Story Behind Meghan Markle’s H & M Initial Necklace

    There are so many parts of the Harry and Meghan fairytale that we have all fallen in love with – everything from the impromptu secret set-up to the secret relationship to the wedding proposal over a roast chicken. One of our favourite parts of the fairytale though happened somewhere in the middle, when one photo broke their relationship wide open to the press… All because of one small necklace.

    Back in December 2016, Meghan stepped out in Toronto to pick up some fresh flowers in a great, casual outfit – but it was the small piece of jewelry around her neck that had us buzzing… The necklace had the initials “H”and “M” on it! That had to be Meghan and Harry, right? Yes, this little gold necklace was in fact the smoking gun, the leak, and the long awaited confirmation that they were indeed a couple.

    We thought it would be fun to share a little of the story behind the necklace and spoke with the founders Shawna and Randi Herlich to learn more about their company, their story and – of course – that necklace. Right Hand Gal is based out of Montreal, Canada. Though to some,  The Right Hand Gal may appear to be just another fun jewelry line, there is so much more than meets the eye.

    Randi and Shawna are great advocators of women’s empowerment, a core value of the brand, and every piece created tells a unique story meant to uplift and inspire. The idea is to instill the notion that with passion, authenticity and confidence, women can truly be unstoppable. Every piece fabricated is meant to grow with the owner and endure the tests of time, like modern day heirlooms that can be effortlessly mixed, matched and layered with trending favourites. Their jewelry is also a celebrity favourite, with many famous fans wearing their pieces.

    And of the brand name itself? The “Gals” say about their brand is:

    The left hand is reserved for the misters, but the RIGHT HAND is reserved for the sisters.” Simply put, this means why wait for a man to be dazzled when one should and could be dazzling oneself?

    Back in 2016, the Right Hand Gal jewelry company was commissioned to create their signature mini initial necklace with the initials M & H. Meghan’s BFF and stylist, Jessica Mulroney, went into Ani + Wren, a boutique the friends often shopped at, and ordered one of the necklaces with the initials “H” and “M” on it. The girls at Ani + Wren shared with us that they knew the order was placed by Jessica and that they were puzzled about who the titular “H” and “M” were.  Right Hand Gal actually photographed the exact necklace before it was delivered.

    We asked Randi and Shawna what they thought about Meghan wearing their necklace:

    So…. one might say that The Right Hand Gal is now connected to Royalty forevermore…. and although there will be many more jewels ahead for Meghan, this signature necklace is the only necklace in the entire world
    that will always live on one of the first few pages of this incredible & evolving royal fairy-tale. A great legacy and story to be told about a special Canadian Jewelry Company.


    The necklace Meghan wore was yellow gold, with two initials added.

    You can order the necklace from the Gals themselves via their website. We love how this shone a spotlight on not only a Canadian retailer, but on one with values that so ardently align with Meghan’s. 

  • Love this blog about us by The Cozy Sweater Cafe

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    Meghan Markle declares her love for Harry with her M & H necklace from The Right Hand Gal.

    I first noticed The Right Hand Gal jewelry at James boutique on Sherbrooke Street. I had the kind of reaction that was part falling in love, and part panic (the good kind). I needed to have one of their colorful candy-like treats, and as soon as possible.

    Apparently I am not the only one who has had that reaction. The soon-to-be Princess Meghan Markle commissioned their mini-initial necklace. Heather Graham, Emily Blunt, and Olivia Wilde are all fans of The Right Hand Gal’s casual luxurious jewelry. Jewelry that’s made right here in Canada, by the unstoppable force that is sisters Randi & Shawna Herlich.

    I was thrilled to chat with them about their business and design process. I found them to be as fun as their jewelry. They are hard-working, inspired, and focused on empowering women one “magic” ring at a time.

    The Right Hand Gal lookbook is stunning. Check out their jewelry & purchase on-line here.

    The cozy sweater cafe: How did you two get started?

    The Right Hand Gal: We started planning the company seven years ago. We were personal shoppers and whenever we would try to find jewelry for our clients, we could only find Cartier or costume jewelry, and nothing in between. We decided to start a business that filled that void. We wanted to create real luxury jewelry that you could buy yourself and wear “from the gym, to the red carpet”.

    CSC: Do you make everything yourselves?

    RHG: For the most part yes, it is all made by hand right here in Canada! We do have someone that sources the stones for us and sometimes that can take up to a year.

    CSC: Tell me about your design process.

    RHG: It usually begins with an idea that pops in our head in the middle of the night and we quickly sketch on a notepad. By 7 am we are texting each other and getting ourselves all excited. It really is that middle-of-the-night idea that we work on until we are able to recreate it. Shawna (in charge of production) works with someone who creates the sample until we get it looking like we saw in our head.

    CSC: Do you take custom orders?

    RHG: We do “semi-custom”. We stick to our designs, but if you want to use a different stone, we can mix and match for you. You can buy the jewelry directly from our site!

    CSC: You mention that “the left hand is reserved for the misters, and the right hand is reserved for the sisters”. I love that. What does it mean for you?

    RHG: We believe very strongly in empowering women, all our work has been focused around that. We want women to feel beautiful and confident. It is all part of having the confidence that comes from being able to take care of yourself.

    CSC: Is it as fulfilling as I think it is to have a successful and creative business with your sister?

    RHG: We are very best friends and could not imagine working with anyone else. Seeing something come to life from your head to real life is a very exciting process. Our language is jewelry so when someone loves our jewelry, it’s like they understand us. It is a dream; the whole business is a dream. The great thing about having a business with family is the unconditional love, no matter what happens, even if things get stressful, even if you disagree, the next day it’s forgotten. You can have stressful moments and then the next minute it’s “Can you pass the ketchup?” We love each other so much that no matter what happens, we move past it quickly. I would say we are unbreakable!

    18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Arrivals

    CSC: How have you been able to get your jewelry noticed by celebrities?

    RHG: We actually never went directly to any of them. With Heather Graham, it was through someone we knew who asked if they could show Heather our pieces. Are you kidding? Of course! We assumed the necklaces would enter some black hole, but then in the Chicago airport one day, boom, there is Heather Graham in Instyle magazine wearing our necklace! It is really exciting when that happens. We have another celebrity who is about to wear our jewelry but we can’t say who yet, but we can share that Susan Sarandon just bought one of our heart necklaces!

    CSC: How do you use social media?

    RHG: We are serious about our business but we try to show our fun and crazy side on Instagram. It isn’t about showing off, or excluding people, it’s about sharing the effortless chic that is our brand, and being open. We love seeing others express a part of themself with our jewelry! It makes us happy if we can help make women feel beautiful.

    CSC: Where in Montreal / Toronto can we purchase The Right Hand Gal jewelry, apart from JAMES on Sherbrooke Street?

    RHG: Billie Boutique on Laurier and the Four Seasons in Toronto. We are starting to become available in stores in more and more cities! You can also purchase our jewelry directly on our website.

    CSC: Any advice for entrepreneurs?

    RHG: Work hard, stay focused, and take it seriously. There are no shortcuts. And don’t give up.

    CSC: Favorite travel destination and why?

    RHG: Italy! Hands down. It’s incredible. There are so many beautiful towns that you don’t often hear about.

    CSC: Favorite coffee?

    RHG: Nespresso, no competition.

    CSC: Favorite designer?

    RHG: Chanel

    Stay tuned for their “secret” holiday collection featuring a really beautiful and important message.

    Thank you gals! I can’t wait to hear more soon!

    Check out their divine lookbook and buy The Right Hand Gal here:


    All photos provided with permission from The Right Hand Gal.  All taken from their website.

  • Fun Jewelry Picks for Mid Summer ’16!

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    Fun Jewelry Picks for Mid Summer ’16!

    Naturally we love all of our jewelry equally (we don’t play favourites!) however there are a few pieces in particular that we feel are just the perfect addition to a cute summer outfit! As we all know, jewelry is like the icing on the cake, your outfit just isn’t quite complete without it. That being said, you can’t just throw on anything, you have to make sure it suits you as well as what you’re wearing. These carefully selected feature picks for summer check all the boxes, and are versatile enough that they’ll go with just about anything! We’re already smiling while picturing you all in flouncy tops and playful skirts, with your favourite Right Hand Gal piece as the perfect finishing touch to your fabulous summer outfit! 

    Because you’re a star, baby! This delicate solid gold star necklace will help you shine bright on those hot summer nights and right into Fall.


    Baby heart necklace in solid gold

    This pretty little solid gold heart in rose gold will make the perfect subtle addition to a summer date night outfit! It’s the perfect necklace for layering, or delicate and understated when worn on its own.

        Loving our bow, star & heart bracelets with chain closures.These sweet little numbers are the perfect feminine accessory for a summertime girl’s night out on the town!

      Pretty with a little bit of edge, this beautiful piece is available in both gold and rose gold, and is the perfect versatile item to dress up or dress down anything in your wardrobe!


      Diamond Pave Bar necklace

      The epitome of understated elegance, our Diamond Pave Bar necklace makes the sweetest finishing touch to your summer attire. Wear it alone or layered with other necklaces, this piece is totally versatile and it looks fab both ways!


      1. Behind the Scenes at The Right Hand Gal!

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        As we proudly launch our new blog, we thought it might be a good opportunity to share a little about ourselves, Randi and Shawna, the ladies behind The Right Hand Gal, as well as the inspiration behind our brand. We are sisters who grew up in Montreal, Quebec. Though I (Randi) now live in Toronto with my husband and two beautiful boys, and Shawna and her husband reside in Montreal, we are inseparable as ever. Still the best of friends, distance can’t keep us apart. We speak 20 times a day and could not imagine working with anyone else. The great thing about running a business with family is the unconditional love that exists. No matter what happens, even when things get stressful or we disagree (and trust us, we do…) the next day, all is forgotten. You can have stressful moments, and then the next minute it’s “can you pass the ketchup?” Our bond is so strong that no matter what obstacles we face, we move past them quickly. You could go as far as to say we are unbreakable!

        It has been a long road that has led to the development of our jewelry line, The Right Hand Gal. We are both entrepreneurs by nature, and have always been this way from the age of ten, when we began selling Avon products to anyone who would give us their attention. When we were just 16, together we designed a line of earrings that was eventually sold through Le Chateau stores across Canada. I (Randi) then when on to write jingles and musical scores for an assortment of Children’s books, while Shawna worked for a top electronics company in Montreal. Next, we co-owned a home rental and renovation company in Montreal, where we also designed high end bathrooms and kitchens.
        Finally, we worked as personal shoppers for Montreal fashionistas.
        It was in this role that we discovered the void between high end and costume jewelry. When looking for jewelry for clients, it was either Cartier or costume, with very few options in between. We saw an opportunity to fill this gap, and decided to start a business designing casual yet real luxury jewelry that women could buy themselves and wear from the gym to the red carpet!
        We’ve always loved fashion and jewelry,so this felt like a natural next step for us.
        As such, The Right Hand Gal was born. The business started right out of our basement ten years ago, and officially launched two years later.
        I think we sold about five pieces our first year, but we persevered!
        Today, I (Randi) handle all of our social media, marketing, web and print media, while Shawna is in charge of all production. We design all of our jewelry collaboratively, and handle all sales and strategizing as a team.
        We have also (thankfully) brought on a wonderful distributor/ sales agency recently, and are hiring sales reps for the USA as we continue to grow.
        We started off doing only private sales and home parties, but that has totally changed over the years and now retail stores have become our focus
        in addition to our website. We also enjoy traveling and participating
        in various pop up shops and exclusive trunk shows. So you never know....
        we may pop up in a store or show near you!
        We have enjoyed the journey thus far, and have had the opportunity to meet many incredible people, including some of Hollywood's most wonderful celebrities, which is a dream come true for us. We (naturally) have big ideas and plans for the future, so stay tuned! Our biggest dream, however, is for every woman to recognize The Right Hand Gal as her favorite casual luxurious jewelry line. Our tag line “the left hand is reserved for the misters, but the right hand is reserved for the sisters” is all about empowering women to be the very best they can be- confident, strong, passionate, and hopeful.
        This philosophy is at the core of our business. Every piece we create stems from the desire to make women feel incredible and special.
        Every piece is "real,”just like the women they are designed for.
        We hope you enjoy our blog! Thanks for stopping by
        Keep checking in to see our newest creations!!!
        XO Randi & Shawna

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        Make Mother’s Day Extra Special this Year- 4 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

        As Mother’s day approaches, we find ourselves feeling reflective and sentimental. Whether you are a mother yourself, or have a mother, stepmother, or grandmother that has no doubt played an integral role in your life and who you have become as a person, Mother’s Day is a time to appreciate the role the matriarch plays in the lives of those around her. Of course there’s the biological piece that says we are forever indebted to these women as they are the sole reason we are walking this earth, but there is so much more to a mother than just her ability to give physical birth. The unconditional love and support of a mother is unmatched by anything in the known world. They are there to praise us when we are doing well, to show us tough love when we need to learn a lesson, to spoil us when we deserve it, and to say “no” when they really want to say yes, simply because they know it’s what’s best for us.

        The job of a mother isn’t easy. They have to wear several different hats on any given day, whether it’s the good guy, the bad guy, the best friend, or the therapist. These women would (and often do) sacrifice their own happiness to ensure ours, which is why we owe them gratitude not just on Mother’s day but every day. In the spirit of Mother’s Day, we have picked out three meaningful items from our collection that we feel would make special gifts for Mom this year! As we all know, every mother loves a gift with a little thought put into it. Do YOU have the perfect gift yet?


        1. 1.  The Mini Initial Necklace

        Wear the ones you love where they belong- next to your heart. Why not give your Mom a piece of you to carry with her always? Better yet, get one for yourself with her initial as well to show your love.


        1. A Simple Heart Necklace

        A mother’s love is simple, unconditional- the purist kind of love. This necklace is the perfect representation of the purity and innateness of a mother’s love

        1. The Connected Necklace

        This design represents attachment and a feeling of connectedness, a perfect symbolism for the unbreakable bond between Mother and child. Give mom a gift that will keep her feeling connected to the people she loves and cherishes - past present and future.

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