Randi Herlich

Posted on May 07 2016

Make Mother’s Day Extra Special this Year- 4 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

As Mother’s day approaches, we find ourselves feeling reflective and sentimental. Whether you are a mother yourself, or have a mother, stepmother, or grandmother that has no doubt played an integral role in your life and who you have become as a person, Mother’s Day is a time to appreciate the role the matriarch plays in the lives of those around her. Of course there’s the biological piece that says we are forever indebted to these women as they are the sole reason we are walking this earth, but there is so much more to a mother than just her ability to give physical birth. The unconditional love and support of a mother is unmatched by anything in the known world. They are there to praise us when we are doing well, to show us tough love when we need to learn a lesson, to spoil us when we deserve it, and to say “no” when they really want to say yes, simply because they know it’s what’s best for us.

The job of a mother isn’t easy. They have to wear several different hats on any given day, whether it’s the good guy, the bad guy, the best friend, or the therapist. These women would (and often do) sacrifice their own happiness to ensure ours, which is why we owe them gratitude not just on Mother’s day but every day. In the spirit of Mother’s Day, we have picked out three meaningful items from our collection that we feel would make special gifts for Mom this year! As we all know, every mother loves a gift with a little thought put into it. Do YOU have the perfect gift yet?


  1. 1.  The Mini Initial Necklace

Wear the ones you love where they belong- next to your heart. Why not give your Mom a piece of you to carry with her always? Better yet, get one for yourself with her initial as well to show your love.


  1. A Simple Heart Necklace

A mother’s love is simple, unconditional- the purist kind of love. This necklace is the perfect representation of the purity and innateness of a mother’s love

  1. The Connected Necklace

This design represents attachment and a feeling of connectedness, a perfect symbolism for the unbreakable bond between Mother and child. Give mom a gift that will keep her feeling connected to the people she loves and cherishes - past present and future.

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