About Us

Over the past seven years, sisters Shawna and Randi Herlich, have been designing their timeless jewelry line The Right Hand Gal. Based out of Montreal, Canada, the accessory brand has always found a way to keep up with current trends while staying true to the unique, dainty and feminine style of its creators. With their new E-store and an aggressive marketing campaign in the works, they are very excited to introduce their brand to the US market. This entrepreneurial duo is constantly on the move with no intention of slowing down.

Though to some,  The Right Hand Gal may appear to be just another fun jewelry line, but there is so much more than meets the eye. The sisters are great advocators of women’s empowerment, a core value of the brand, and every piece created tells a unique story meant to uplift and inspire. The idea is to instill the notion that with passion, authenticity and confidence, women can truly be unstoppable. Their jewelry is made with genuine, luxe materials, some of which include, gold, gemstones and the always coveted, DIAMONDS! Every piece fabricated is meant to grow with the owner and endure the tests of time, like modern day heirlooms that can be effortlessly mixed, matched and layered with trending favorites.

The driving force behind The Right Hand Gal is the feminist philosophy that, “the left hand is reserved for the misters, but the RIGHT HAND is reserved for the sisters.” Simply put, this means why wait for a man to be dazzled when one should and could be dazzling oneself? These two sisters live and breathe this motto and the mentality that the modern woman can have it all!

Since its birth, The Right Hand Gal has received an amazing response amongst women Canada-wide, allowing them to build a loyal customer and retail base. From charities, celebrity support, custom creation services for special occasions and new designs popping up daily, keep your eye out for the gals in a store near you!