Cat & Nat Solid Gold Friendship Necklace - Solid Gold- For Replacement Only!

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As you know, we are no longer in collaboration with Cat & Nat, and therefore we no longer sell our signature Cat & Nat pieces. Having said that, we are committed to our beloved customers who bought these necklaces originally years ago and we would never let you down. For our customers who have lost and need to replace their original Cat Nat necklace, we are here to help you love your necklace again. We have learned over the years that losing your piece is so heartbreaking to you and it was a big investment that we take seriously. So in that spirit, we are here for you if this is your situation. 
Please call us first so we can help you.  416-732-0934
Thank you! XO The Gals!  








Our beautiful Cat & Nat friendship necklace represents the love and appreciation you feel for that special someone or those special someones in your life, who bring you joy in a way that only true friends can. Those anchors who support you through your lowest of lows and cheer you on during your happiest of times. Wear this necklace to celebrate not only your one best friend, but for all those friends who make your life that much more wonderful, all those besties who lift your wings like a proud peacock,  so that no matter what is going on, you know you will fly again. And wear your friendship necklace for yourself, because we all know that to have a best friend, we must be a best friend too!

xoxo The Gals!